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Size chart

You can also identify your size using your exact wrist measurement. 

To do this, you only have to use a centimeter and place it around the wrist, tightly, to determine the measurement. It is important that it is not loose or add more space to leave looseness, as it will indicate a size larger than the one you need. 

The bracelet will not fit that way, but we need the exact measurement to determine the size that fits you well, not too big and not too tight.

Then, identify your size in the following table, according to the measurement indicated by the centimeter. For example, in the image, the tape indicates 18.2 cm  which corresponds to size  M .

Medida de la Muñeca.jpg

Don't have a Centimeter?

Don't worry, you can print our guide to determine your size at the following link (follow the steps one by one:

Tallas brazaletes Fetizo

Is it for a gift?

If it is a surprise or you cannot take the measurement, you can use the following parameters to calculate it:

  • If you are around 1.80 tall (more or less) and have a normal build neither thin nor thick, we can think of M   (The vast majority are usually M).

  • If he is tall and of thick build , then he may be  L .

  • If we consider him a very large person we could think of  XL.

  • If he is short but thick , he can be a size L.

  • If he is tall and very very thin then he may be size  S .

  • If he is short and very thin , he can also be  S.

*Remember that you can make a change for size within 30 days of your purchase. For more information enter the following button: 

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