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Printed Guide

You can find your size using the tape in our printed guide which you can download here.  

What we are looking for is the exact measurement of your wrist,  so you must adjust the tape well , so that it is not loose. View image.


The bracelet will not fit that way, but we need the exact measurement to determine the size that fits you well, not too big and not too tight.  

Follow the steps:  

  1. Print the guide at 100% size

  2. Cut the tape along the dotted line.

  3. Put the tape around your wrist, remember to do it snugly .

  4. The tape will indicate the size you need (see image)

For example, in the image, the tape indicates the size  M.

Medida de la muñeca, Fetizo brazaletes

Don't have a printer?

Don't worry, you can use a centimeter to find out your size. The following link explains:

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