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Our Commitment


Provide contemporary man  an accessory that highlights your style, personality and class.

Always looking for the highest quality in materials, the best design and excellence in service. 

Our history


Fetish  means magic or spell.


Fetizo® is a line of handmade bracelets, from natural leather, gems and other high quality materials. Each Fetizo® creation is designed and handcrafted by Costa Rican designer Efraín Espinoza to provide today's man with an accessory that highlights his style, personality and class.

The name originally comes from the Portuguese “feitiÇo”, which means magic or  spell. From there “Fetizo” was born, as a good luck "amulet" created and  designed to highlight the style and elegance of today's man.

Our experience


Fetizo® is inspired by the new trends in men's fashion to provide an elegant and modern design.


Since its inception, the appropriate selection of materials, good taste in its design and the search for quality have made Fetizo® a piece of jewelry that stands out for its elegance and comfort.  

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