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Leather Care

Remember that leather is an organic material , which can be affected by the conditions of its environment.


Therefore, we recommend avoiding that your leather bracelets are in constant contact with moisture from water or sweat. When bathing, exercising or swimming, it is better to take them off.

If they get wet or feel damp, you can place them in uncooked rice for a day to absorb moisture.


Contact with perfumes, alcohol, creams, soaps or the like can deteriorate the appearance and quality of the leather.

One way to maintain leather bracelets (and other leather items like shoes, jackets, or gloves) is to use leather grease (available in supermarkets) to polish and moisturize them.

Remember to store your bracelets in a dry, open and ventilated place, out of direct sunlight. 

Stones Care

Semi-precious stones, being natural materials, are practically long-lived. All of them come from a geological formation of volcanic or sedimentary type, in processes of millions of years.


The vast majority of them are strong and resistant to shock, moisture or heat. However, it is important to be careful to prevent them from receiving very strong blows so that they do not scratch or break. 

The elastic thread used to link these bracelets is created exclusively for this function, so it is very resistant. However, it should not be extra stretched or manipulated in ways other than daily use of putting it on and taking it off the wrist. High heat can expand the thread, so it is not recommended that it come into contact with very hot surfaces or elements.

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