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All our bracelets have1 month warrantyFor immediate change, in case of any failure in the closure or detachment of the leather of the closure. 

To apply this guarantee, the following conditions are required:

  1. That the bracelet is less than 1 month old.

  2. That there is some failure in the closure or that it has beennido some of the leathers.See note*.

  3. You must present the invoice or proof of purchase. 

Change by Size

To make an exchange by size, two conditions are necessary:

  1. That the bracelet is less than 30 days old. You must present the invoice or proof of purchase

  2. The braceletmust not be in use.

If you have questions about the warranty or make a change,you can write toWhatsApp 85334040.

Remember to review our recommendations for the care of your bracelets on our website:

Repair Services

In addition, all bracelets have a repair serviceexclusive:

Leather. Leather ones have a 3-month warranty for free repair, if presentif there is a failure in the closure or detachment of the leather of the closure (see note*). After 3 months, the repair may involve some cost according to the treatment that must be applied. 

*Important note:The change in the appearance of leather is a natural process, but it can be accelerated by factors that it is important to avoid such as perfumes, creams, water or sweat. For this reason, the guarantee does not apply to the wear of the leather or the closure due to its use, improper storage, humidity, blows or scratches. The same applies to the oxidation of magnets due to moisture
. To keep your jewelry in good condition *See bracelet care.

stones: Regarding stone bracelets, if there is a break in the elastic, the bracelet can be redone. This warranty has no time limit or additional cost.cionto the. But, if many of the foot are missingzas, an amount related to missing parts may be charged.

To apply any warranty or repair, sYou should only take the bracelet to our premises and leave it for repair. You will be given a receipt and we will notify you when the repair is ready. 

Proper use and care of your bracelets will guarantee a longer duration in appearance and useful life. 


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